Saturday, October 20, 2007

SAHM and Homeschool Mom?

Sorry I haven't blogged in a few day's. Either I haven't been feeling too tired or too busy to get a post up. Wednesday I was just cleaning house and chatted online with my hubby, who was at work so I was a bit busy with that and then went to bed. Was just too tired LOL. Thursday was Create and Play I had to go to with the boy's(MOMS Club thing). I and another mom friend of mine is in charge of that. Other than that I just seemed to have a lot going on and didn't really get a chance to get on here. Yesterday, Friday, my mom came and picked us up after hubby went to work (we only have one car) and took us to her house where my brother and his family showed up soon after. It was a nice time all around.
Today Hubby, is going to a friends house to help him with a project he has to do for his schooling so he will be there most of the day. My mom will be here later today (about 7p.m.) and take us to my aunt's house where she is having a bonfire (if not too windy LOL).
I have to clean house a bit (not too terrible anyway) and get everything around for when we leave with my mom later. But I thought I would blog a bit before I get busy again. I have already went grocery shopping today LOL. Always on the go!
I have often wonder why they call it "Stay at Home Mom" or "Homeschool"? LOL I mean I am both a SAHM and homeschooling mom but when am I ever really home? I think we are more on the go then we are at home. Home is where we go to sleep and eat LOL and once in a while relax LOL. Other than that we aren't home all that much. We just always have some where to go or do. I have to do laundry at the Laundromat since we don't have hook-ups so I do that every Tuesday. I usually take the boy's with me so I can do schooling with them there. Almost (not always) every Friday we go to the Library for books I need to get out for the boy's and their learning and for their and my enjoyment. Every Saturday (for the most part) is the day I go grocery shopping. Sunday is church and we start all over again. This isn't including making play dates for the boy's or the once a month "Create and Play" I do with the MOMS Club. It also doesn't include the other things I do with the boy's in the MOMS Club. So when are we really home again? LOL. Maybe instead of calling it SAHM we should be called Mom on the go? LOL. I am not sure what we should be called but Stay At Home Moms and Homeschool Moms doesn't seem to fit either LOL. Any ideas? LOL.

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