Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My day today

Today was a busy day. First when I wake up I find that C. has a bad headache and a slight fever (99.7) so he is not quiet over whatever it was that J. had before. But after I gave him some Motrin he felt much better. Hasn't had any more issues since then. So we had a light day of schooling. After that I went to the Laundromat and did laundry. Afterwards I came home and hubby was putting the other computer desk in the living room. That way we can make the room it was in more of a toy room for the boy's to free up their room a bit. They aren't very big bedrooms and there is no closet in their room (long story LOL). So I spend the rest of the day going through old papers and getting things a little more manageable in there. I still have work to do in there but it looks a lot better. Well I am wiped out from all that so I think I will just surf the next for homeschool stuff and watch House at 9pm LOL.

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