Monday, October 8, 2007

Sorry I have been MIA

I haven't really forgotten to blog. I have just been busy with family. The boy's are all healthy and back to normal now, thank goodness. Saturday, my mom and I hung out together. We did some shopping and just spent time together. I love hanging out with my mom. With her working afternoons and all it's hard to get some one on one with her. So when we do get that chance I enjoy it very much. My mom bought the boy's some workbooks from Walden's and some other books too. She also bought them some fall coats. I didn't ask her to do any of that but she did anyway. It was just nice to just spend time with her and talk and be silly LOL. We are good at doing that LOL. Hubby (H.) even cleaned the kitchen and did dishes while I was out! I was very appreciative of that. What a good hubby I have!
Sunday we went to church and we just spent time at home as a family. I also did a little bit of grocery shopping. I usually do it on Saturday's but our electric company was going to shut off the electricity for a few hours from 12:01am to 5:30am Sunday morning. So I just waited till Sunday to go to our local little store to pick up a few things. I will probably do more at a later date. Depending how we go through what I got.
Today, not too much is going on. We got up at 7am and ate breakfast and everything else we do and then at 8am we did school work. A little after 11am we were done and then I spend some time with hubby. Just before hubby went to work (he works afternoons) we read some of the Bible (We do that everyday as a family). That's been our day so far. Don't have much of anything planned other than cleaning the house and making dinner later.
Tomorrow is laundry day so I need to get clothes around and school books around. That way when tomorrow comes I just have to put it all in the car and go to the Laundromat. Ugh I so wish we had hook-ups in this house we rent but nope we don't. I guess I should just be grateful for what we do have and I am but I can always wish right? LOL


kel said...

Sounds like a good weekend. We usually start school about 8 and are done at around 11 too, at first I freaked out because I was like it has to take longer than this but it really doesnt some days we are done even earlier, but I know they are retaining and learning so much.

Jody said...

I remember when we first started I wondered if we were supposed to school for 8 hours a day LOL. It really doesn't take long when you don't have the same inturputions as school does. They retain so much more too!