Friday, October 5, 2007

Another One sick.

Yes, now my oldest is sick with whatever was wrong with my youngest. At least J is all better now. He has been fine all day. No fever, no headaches no anything. But now C is sick with a fever and headache. So hopefully by Sunday he will be ok and we can go to church. If not we will have to stay home. Poor kid, he really wants to go to church. He loves going to Potter's Kids. That's what they call Sunday School. I just hope I or hubby don't get what they had. But at least it isn't a long bad illness. Seems to ebb and flow. One minute you are ok and the next moment you feel awful then back to feeling ok again. As do any mom I so hate it when the boy's are sick.
Other than taking care of a sick child not much was done today. No schooling for either boy since they are both trying to recover (J is pretty much all better though) from being ill. But, it really doesn't matter since I started schooling them a month before schools around here even started school. So they won't miss much.
This weekend we really have nothing planned except going to church but with C. being sick we shall see. I am glad we don't have anything planned though. It's nice once in a while to have a night in instead of running around. Well that's about it for my day. Hopefully I have better stuff to blog about soon LOL.

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