Thursday, October 4, 2007

Kids (Insert rolling eyes here) LOL.

Kid's are resilient aren't they? Why am I saying this? Well, it started yesterday. We came home from being out and about (getting my hair cut along with other errands to run) and I noticed J (my youngest) had what look like a small rash on one of his cheeks. I thought maybe he just brushed up on something that maybe he had a slight allergy to. Other than that he was ok. So I forgot about it. Well later that night he complained of a headache. So I gave him some Tylenol and gave him a cold wet wash cloth. Started to get a little concerned but I thought well he was up early this morning. He might just be tired.
Fast forward till morning time. I had decided to let the boy's sleep in a little to make sure they got enough sleep. Well they wake up just fine and we start schooling after getting dressed and brushing teeth. Everything goes by ok and then J starts to lay his head down and be whiny. I check him and he has no fever so I tell him to take a nap (this was about 9:30am). Then about 11:00am he wakes up and he has a slight fever, he's crying of a headache and he now has a rash not only on his face but his stomach as well! I get so worried I call the doc. They said they would give me a call back to get me an appointment for him. So I wait and J is whaling that his head hurts. I am getting worried about him so I give him some Motrin and give him some water to drink. The doc's office calls back and says to bring him in at one p.m. So we eat lunch and I watch over J and then out of no where he says he feels better and even eats (at first he didn't want to ) and starts playing with his brother. This after screaming bloody murder about his head. We take him to the doc's office anyway and they said it's just a viral thing and to just keep giving him Motrin or Tylenol. I guess though here in Michigan they have had a few instances of Measles but they really checked him out and he does not have that thank the good Lord. He seems fine now but I will keep an eye on him. Tomorrow we will all just have a easy day together with family. At least till hubby has to go to work.

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