Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yet Another School Shooting

This is just so sad. For the full article go here . Seems like the shooters are getting younger as more school shootings happen. This kid was only 14 years old. This article also talks how the kid was a goth. Now what does that really have to do with him shooting people? I mean come on people are all different. While I am not a goth or really understand the Gothic thing I don't think it's why he did this. The kid had some issues. He was suspended from fighting a few day's earlier. But it doesn't mention what the fight was about. Makes me wonder how bad was this kid ridiculed for how he dressed among other things. Now don't get me wrong I am not saying at all what he did was right but something was definitely wrong with him. If this is what they call "socialization" in public school is about then I'd rather my kids be "un-socialized". Now don't get me wrong my boy's do play with other kids but you get my drift I hope?!
Another thing that bothered me about the article is that they mentioned race. It doesn't sound as if it was race related so why really mention it in the first place? Saying that the shooter was white and some of the people he shot were of different race. It says right in there that they don't believe it was race related so why even go on about it? Why not concentrate the story on who this boy was (I know they don't know much now but stop filling the story with junk). I don't care if the shooter was white, Hispanic, Black, Indian or what. What I care about is why did this happen? What did the parents and school system fail to do? Sorry to rant on like this but it's just so sad that this keeps happening. Yet, more reasons for me to homeschool.


dakotablueeyes said...

I found ya again. I haven't had time to look at it and have had computer trouble too grrrr but I think I'm back but I need a day off from looking at the screen lol

Oh man hubs was telling me about the shooting this morning. What is the world coming too.

Jody said...

yeah, glad you found me LOL! Glad you got your computer up and running now.

It is so sad with the shootings isn't it?!