Thursday, October 11, 2007

A bit of an appology and some pics!

Sorry yesterday's posts was a bit emotional LOL. I am not saying all kids should be homeschooled but it just gets me that some how this kid got lost in the system of the school and parent's seeming to not notice their child is out of control and can become violent. I mean he was already in a Juvinial place because of his violent temperment. Something should have been done way before that.
Anyway on a different note LOL. I wanted to share some pics with everyone. First here is a pic of my new hair cut that I got a week ago sorry the pic was taken with my web cam on mylaptop so it's a bit grainy.....

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Then also last week hubby came home with flowers for me. Isn't he sweet?!

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Then last night my baby (J.) lost his very first tooth!! This pic. didn't turn out the way I wanted it to either but you see his missing tooth LOL!

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Why is it so much harder to go through things when my younger is going through then my oldest? I don't love one more than the other (I can't imagine my life without either of them.) Maybe it's because I know he's my last baby?! I had my tubes tied after he was born. I don't want another baby but it's still so hard to see him grow up. Don't get me wrong I feel sentimental when my oldest goes through things but even more so when it's my youngest. I keep telling them both they are not allowed to grow up LOL. My oldest just tells me with rolling eye's "Mom, we have to grow-up sometime." LOL. But why oh why? LOL. Ok done feeling sentimental for now LOL.

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