Sunday, September 30, 2007

Church Anniversary

Today was a good and busy day. Today being Sunday we went to church. It was also our Church's 33 year anniversary. We had a guest speaker who shared her life with us and also sang some songs. She had a very beautiful voice. It was a nice service.
After church we came home and pretty much didn't do whole lot but we've all had a busy couple of weeks so it was nice. Then we went to church again at six p.m. for an anniversary get together. We got to hear stories from before the land and church was built. How a group of people would go from house to other areas before someone donated the land where our church now stands. It was so nice to hear all the stories from people that have been there from the beginning and also from people who are relatively new in the Church. Afterwards they had some food out for us to eat and socialize with one another. The boy's after eating ran around and played with each other and other kids.
Our church is on the bigger side but it still feels like home to me. I have never felt at home in other churches I had been to before we found this one. I don't know if it's because I never really knew God before we found this church. (that's a story in and of it's self LOL. Maybe another time I will talk about it.) or if this was supposed to be our home and we just didn't know it till we found it. Either way I really love our church and the people in it. Everyone is so loving and so caring. I remember growing up I never felt like I belonged any where but our church I have never felt out of place. That is t legacy of our church and I hope to pass that torch for the boy's too. If not for them to go to that church when they are adults. Then at least to have that seed to share with other's on their experiences with the Lord and help other's feel like we do at our church.
Ok, I know I am rambling again LOL. It is already 11p.m. here so that might explain it. So if I just typed a bunch of gibberish then ignore me LOL. I guess I am just in a nostalgic mood tonight. That and a bit tired too LOL.

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