Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today was a little more relaxing than the weekend was. Just good ol' laundry day. Other than schooling the boys and cleaning up a bit not much was done today. Which was good. I love doing things and going out with the boys/family and all but it really is nice to have a day to not do too much. I know my limits so I know I at least need two days out of the week to not have to be any where. Other wise I just get cranky LOL.

Sometimes I think with homeschooling you tend to over due yourself because you want to do so much for your children and there is just so many things to do that can really help kids learn. Fun things at that. I have in the past over done myself (and the boys) and it ended up making none of us very happy. So in the now four years we have been homeschooling I have learned when to go out and do things and when to just enjoy being home with nothing much to do. It's a good thing too since the gas prices are so high.

Tomorrow the only thing we have is Church in the evening hours so it will be another relaxing day. Then Thursday is when I am going to my friends but that is ok too since we always have a good time together even when we aren't doing much :). I hope everyone is having a good week so far!!

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Julie said...

I wouldn't be able to handle it if we had to go out all the time. I need down time... I am a big home-body. *lol*