Monday, October 6, 2008

Sorry I know I haven't blogged since Thursday. It's been a busy weekend. Friday I had a MOMS Club® Calendar Planning meeting in the mid morning for next months Calendar. After that we just spend time together and then hubby had to go to band practice. I just didn't get a chance to blog. I also had to type up a few things for the Calendar.

Saturday, we went to my BIL's house for his birthday. His birthday was actually Thursday but we celebrated it on Saturday. The boys had a great time at their cousins (as they always do LOL) and we had a good time too. had a cook out and all. All though we ate in doors because it was a bit chilly. The kids did get to go out and play for a bit though later.

Sunday, was Church of course and then right afterwards I had to take the boys to a birthday party of their friends. (Same friend we did the Shimmy dancing at :D ) The boys had a blast there too. She had a lot of fun games for the kids to play. Like racing, tug of war, water balloon catch and other fun games like that. It was a nice laid back party and I know all the kids had so much fun and so did the moms! Afterwards I and another friend helped her clean up a bit before we left. I know how over whelming that can be with a lot of kids in the house LOL.

Today, was a Board Meeting with the MOMS Club® to finalize the Calendar and talk about our Agenda for Nov. It went pretty well. I think we are getting in the grove of things. Now I just pray the Newsletter goes smoothly. After the meeting I came home finished up schooling with the boys (started before I left) and typed up and sent the minutes to the other board members and fixed parts of the Calendar that needed to be fixed.

Tomorrow is just laundry day. So the boys and I will go to the Laundromat and get the laundry done and then come home and chill. So the next two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) I don't have much planned. At least not at the moment. Then Thursday just going to my friends house to do some Shimmy (Belly Dancing) with her and just hang out for a bit. Later we will go grocery shopping. Friday, as of yet no plans. I hope we don't do too much because I am already tired LOL. I know this post is just one big blur but I am tired but I am tired and just wanted to tell you all what I have been up to LOL. Please forgive my babbling. So how was your weekend and have any plans for the rest of the week?


Julie said...

I hadn't blogged since Thursday either... I, for once, had a crazy weekend. *lol* ... My legs are unhappy about it now. ;)

Glad you had a nice weekend!!

amysalli said...

glad you had a nice weekend.
you sound like you were as busy as i was