Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Warning This Post Contains a Vent

Well today has been a busy day. Laundry day of course but I also had to work on our Newsletter and calendar for the MOMS Club®. I was supposed to go get copies made but the President of the club and I had to revise it. So now I have to wait till Thursday to go get them copied. I could go tomorrow but I don't want to waste any more gas in our Jeep then we already have to. Thursday we are going grocery shopping anyway so we will be in town for me to go do that. Then our meeting is on Friday. So it's cutting it close. Ugh, I was hoping this month would run smoother than the last few months did but it's not.

The board and I tried to set a deadline so when I go to do laundry on Tuesday's I can just get the copies made then too. So I was supposed to get the final daft yesterday. Well I didn't get it till after I was already in bed sleeping so I woke up and found mistakes and what not. So I emailed our President (it was early morning so I didn't want to call her) and she didn't get my emails till later. So I had to get to the Laundromat to do our laundry because frankly I am not putting things I need to do on hold for a job I am not even getting paid for you know?! So now it will have to wait till Thursday.

I am not the most organized person I admit but I like some what of a routine. I hate not knowing when something will happen. Of course life is like that but with a club you would think it would be a little more routine right? I don't know maybe I am just frustrated with some other things that have been going on since I got into the board. Lets just say that some people are being a bit petty. Oh well I guess I should just let it go. Not let it get to me too much. One thing I won't do is let it effect my family life. If it gets to that point I might have to bow out. Ok I am done with my rant LOL. Sorry if this board you all. I just needed to get it off my chest.


The Woman said...

i look at it this way if they want it sooner than when you can get to town they can send you money for your gas or do it themselves

Homeschool Mom said...

I hear ya! Sometimes just getting it off of your chest makes a world of difference. I agree, Family First! Take care.


madame said...

I hear your frustration. I'm sure you'll be feeling better tomorrow, when the copies are in your hand, and you know you'll have something to show on Friday at the meeting.

Hope it all goes well.

Julie said...

Sometimes a rant just helps... You know? ... it always helps me put things into perspective. I always feel better about a situation after I've blogged about it. *lol*