Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well it's been feeling more like August here in Michigan with it's high humidity. We didn't do a darn thing today because it was so humid. Even now at 8:24 p.m. it's humid. Times like this I really wish we had a yard for a pool LOL.

The only thing I really did today was run to Staples to make copies of the MOMS Club® Newsletter, Calendar, and Agenda. I really don't like those machines ugh. I think I might have to find a better way of going about it or something.

Other than that though it was just too hot to do much. I hope everyone else had a cooler day today. I have to say though even with the humidity I still don't wish for Michigan winters LOL.


Carla said...

I hear ya on the humidity, but it's part and parcel of life in the southeast! Hot & humid defines us during summer. We just hide out indoors in A/C. ;)

btw, I'm currently shooting with a Canon 5d. :)

Julie said...

I wish it were warmer here. :( ... The last few days the weather has been more like late September. I am hoping/praying it doesn't rain this week for our camping trip!!! (We had a rain storm just a few days ago, and the lake where we are going got 1.4 inches of rain that day! Yikes!)

Ellen said...

We've had the most unusual summer we've ever known in our state. Our summers are ususally really hot and muggy and you can't stand it during the day or night.

This summer we have had some breaks in the weather and even had cool evenings, and lower humidity.

I hope it reflects in our electric bill. We spent Saturday outside all day as we had a nice breeze.

Weber said...

We actually have rain today. HOORAY!!! I hope it last all week!!