Monday, August 25, 2008

Busy, Busy (So what's new LOL)

Today has been one busy day.  Woke-up at my new 6:00 A.M. time and did my exercises (after a couple cups of coffee of course LOL).  Then the boys got up and I fed them breakfast.  Afterwards I got stuff ready and we did some school work. 

Then it was off to the MOMS Club® Membership Meeting.  It ended up being a long meeting because we had a vote on some money issues.  Any time there is money issues you can guarantee it's going to be a long meeting.  Then afterwards some of the other board members and I talked.  Hopefully things will run smoothly in a few months.  We are all new to the board so we are working out the kinks LOL.

After the meeting we came home had lunch and finished some school work.  So after that I had to type up minutes from the meeting and send out a few emails on different things (sign-up sheets to the right coordinator's).  Then of course after all that it was dinner time. 

Tomorrow is Laundry day so I will be up and having to run again tomorrow.  I will take some school work with us to the Laundromat so the boys can do that while I do laundry. 

Wednesday nothing planned (yeah!!) but then on Thursday morning a mom from the MOMS Club® is going to pick the boys and I up and we are going to the Zoo.  I wouldn't have gone because of gas prices but she offered to come pick us up.  So glad we  have a membership though.  That's one less expense and I will just pack the boys and I a lunch. Then on Friday nothing but grocery shopping planned.  All in all this will be a busy week.  I hope everyone had a good Monday :).


HW said...

"Wednesday nothing planned..."

I also love days where there is nothing planned. But every time I I think I have a whole week of those days, something changes and suddenly each day is full.

Weber said...

Have fun at the zoo! :)

Julie said...

I like the days when nothing is planned too... I am so much a home body! *lol*