Friday, August 22, 2008

Todays Adventures

Man it was a humid day today. I again woke up at six a.m. and enjoyed some quiet time and also did my exercises. The boys woke about just after seven a.m. So after they ate breakfast, brushed their teeth and got dressed we did some school work. We didn't do a lot just because Fridays are our more laid back days.

Then we all went outside and pretty much had a nature walk around the house LOL. We found one spider (I really don't like them but through my fears the boys have become afraid of them so I am trying to conquer my fears as well as theirs LOL) that was huge (ugh) and it had made a web in between a tree (one that splits in the middle). We found a big ant (I know I am so mean :( but it was for education right? LOL) and threw it on the web (no I did not touch the web LOL) and we watched it fight it and then wrap it up. The boys were fascinated with it. Which is even better than the last couple of years where they would scream bloody murder and run the opposite direction (can you really blame them though ugh spiders LOL). We also found a smaller spider and it's cool web and then we found a katydid skin and examined it.

Later I took over some zucchini bread to my neighbors house and we talked for a while. She and I went in her backyard where later the boys joined us (she is helping us learn some Sign Language too.) and they jumped on her trampoline. My neighbor and I ended up finding a silk worm and I showed it to the boys. You can tell just how different my boys are from each other from their reactions LOL. Chord was like cool but not too impressed, where as Jarod was big eyed and said cool can I hold it? So I let him hold it and watched it. (He would have never done this a year or two ago so time has helped LOL.) Chord isn't really afraid of bugs any more but he doesn't like them crawling on him either LOL. Just shows you how different they are from each other. Jarod loves to touch and feel things where as Chord would rather just look and read about them LOL. He's not much of a hands on person LOL.

So even though we didn't have a lot of "book" work today I believe we did a lot of learning. All in all it was a good day for all of us. I think hubby enjoyed the quiet house while we were over the neighbors LOL. I hope everyone had a good day today as well :).


amysalli said...

sounds like you had an exciting day.
glad you are getting that time to yourself in the morning.

i am still working on it.

The Woman said...

lol my kids found a big bug in the driveway it was dead of course, so I picked it up. it was one of those bugs that come out of those shells you find stuck on trees this time of year, I think cicada anyway I showed them how it looks the same only it has big wings and tried to get them to touch the wings but they weren't having none of that. it took me a month to convince them nothing was in the shell and they could pull them off the tree

Julie said...

I SO don't do bugs (of any kind), but the kids don't fear them like I do. In fact, they have some bug catchers and like to catch them and watch them... I say ICK! *lol*

HW said...

Well, the spider story was nasty because I hate spiders too, but what a great way for the kids to get a nature lesson. Much better than the film strips we had in grade school, with the Ben Stein-type voice and the "beep" to move the film forward.
blah, blah, blah...beep;blah, blah, blah...beep.
The humidity here is very high too. And my daughter starts her fall softball games tomorrow. A fall league and it's 90 degrees with 80 percent humidity. Yuck.

Ellen said...

I didn't know you had high humidity where you live. I like your blog and I agree that spiders are something I would rather do without. We have had some problems with wasps and bees this year.