Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am a bit tired now LOL. I got up at six a.m. Yesterday I woke up at six-thirty. The reason for this? I wanted to start a new routine for myself really. I like being able to get up, drink my coffee (yes, I have to have my coffee to function LOL. Bad me :P) read some emails, do my exercise and enjoy just some me time.

It was nice having some quiet time while the boys and hubby were sleeping. I hope to make this a habit. This is the time I want to be able to just reflect and take some time out and talk with God :). I feel I get so busy during the rest of the day with schooling the boys, getting breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with spending time with the family, that I forget I need some daily time to myself and to God. It was even nicer too that the boys slept in longer than usual (almost 8 a.m.) because they were up later last night because we had Church last night.

We have now been back to school for almost two weeks and all is going well. I thing the boys are so used to the routine now. This is our fourth year of homeschooling. It really does get easier and more relaxed as we go along. I think it really has made us closer as a family. I have noticed too that though we homeschool are are together as a family, the boys are more independent. They don't need hubby and I to play with them all day, even with their schooling I don't have to be over their shoulder watching them. Sure there are some things I have to teach them but once they understand it they really don't need or want me to be over them. With Jarod I have to be there a little more but that's because he's only in First Grade right now. He is still learning to read (better) so I have to help with reading things and help him with his math. But once he understands something he doesn't want me to hang over him either.

My boys are growing up so fast. I thought homeschooling would slow that time a little more but it really hasn't :(. They still grow-up so fast!! But I really do enjoy the time we have together. I hope everyone has been having a good week!!


Julie said...

It's nice when the kids can work independently, especially when you are homeschooling as many as I am! *lol*

amysalli said...

i know what you mean about having a routine for yourself and having some "me" time in the morning. That is what i have been trying ot do as well.

glad the homeschooling is going so good for you.

Weber said...

Nice post! :)

Have a great day!

I've got 2 sick ones here again. :(

Ellen said...

I like tea or coffee in the morning,and I have a tea pot that I put 4 cups in and carry it to the table where I can look outside. Sometimes I do my devotions there as well. We have hummingbirds outside our porch and they are so active in the morning.

I posted a new post this morning and I wanted to thank you for leaving me comments. You make my day!
light2liveby (Ellen)

The Woman said...

you gotta have you time no matter what time it is lol my me time is right now lol kids are at my parents