Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs: All About Me

I saw this Meme and thought I would join in on it. It's the first week of Homeschool Memoirs. This is the first assignment:"This week, we want to hear about YOU. The author behind the words. The Momma behind all the homeschooling kiddos. Just write up something about you, your family, and your home. How long you’ve been homeschooling and why you decided to homeschool. It doesn’t have to be anything lengthy at all, but we’d love to hear it! You might include a family photo too!"

I know I have why I started to homeschool my boys some where on here. But I will just type it up again. This will be our fourth year of homeschooling. Initially my husband approached me about homeschooling the summer before my oldest son, Chord, was to enter Kindergarten. We had talked about back when he was just a baby but it was only in passing and I honestly hadn't thought of it since then. I then got everything I could get my hands on about homeschooling and the homeschooling laws here in Michigan. From Library books to anything I could read online. After much research and lots of praying :) I agreed with hubby and haven't looked back since.

It has worked out well because I have two very different boys. My oldest learns quickly and needs more challenges all the time which I don't think a public school could provide him with. I was afraid he would get board of school and learn to hate learning. With my youngest he is a very active boy. He can't sit still for long and needs to burn energy. He can pay attention but he has to have almost a constant motion of one kind or another. He is also a very kinesthetic (hands on) learner. He has to touch and feel things to understand them. He is a visual learner too but he has to have both before he really can understand things. Again I don't think sending him to school would have helped him and I feared he would end not liking to learn too.

I think every year we find something new to keep homeschooling. It's ever changing for us. As we go along I have become more relaxed in our school approach and I have seen lots of improvement in both boys and they truly love to learn. I love to learn right a long with them :).

When I am not homeschooling them I love to read a good book, listen to music, day dream and spending time with my family :). I am also part of an International MOMS Club®. It's not a homeschool group but I enjoy being a part of it as do my boys. I am now (voluntarily) a Secretary of the club for the year. I love doing things with the boys through them and also learning new things for myself and meeting other moms :).

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Angela said...

Its so nice to meet you, you have a beautiful blog! I have two boys and 1 girl and my boys are SO different too! Homeschooling is so great for that!


Angela said...

Hey 2 Angela's leaving you a comment! What are the odds? My oldest sounds a lot like yours. It's amazing though like you said the longer you do it the more relaxed you get, I feel that way also. Nice to meet you!

amysalli said...

I know i have thought about homeschooling my oldest at one point but i am glad that i decided not to do it. I feel that for the time being he is getting alot of the social interaction he needs to help him cope when things do not go his way. He has ADHD and can have really bad outburst here at home when things do not go as he wants them to.

I feel by him being in public school he is learning that not everything goes the way he wants it to and is able to learn to cope with it and he has made alot of friends. he was actually slightly depressed this summer because he couldn't get together with ALL his friends each day.

my hat's off to you for doing it so long.

Renee said...

Nice to meet you! Your boys sounds like mine; both are such wonderful but different learners. Wonderful blog.


Chocolateer said...

oooo! I love your dolphins! Your boys sound like my children. My oldest daughter has to be challenged, and putting my youngest, wiggly, active, hands-on boy into a classroom would have been a disaster.


Julie said...

Oh! I like this meme! ... I would sign up, but I'm not very good at keeping up with these things... Maybe I should anyway? Give it a try???

Dana said...

I know what you mean about learning along with them. I find myself doing that every year and we've been homeschooling for 10 years. It's great to discover things together.

Here's my link:

Miss Jocelyn said...

Hello there! I'm so glad you're joining us for the HM! It was nice to meet you!

Sherry said...

Great to meet you! I'm an avid reader as well. :D What types of books do you like?

Have a great homeschooling year!

MrsMomma said...

Nice to meet you! I hope you have a wonderful school year!


A family of boys said...

So nice to meet you. My youngest is also very physical. He makes me tired just watching him Sunday. Whew...the constant motion.