Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not much going on today. Went to go to the Laundromat but as we turned in we saw firetrucks and police and amulances pull into the outlit mall it is at. Seems like the nail place a few doors down caught fire. So we had to go to a different Laundromat. Wasn't too bad and not a lot of people were there so I was able to get it done quick enough. I had the boys do some school work while we were there. Mostly just reading and me readint to them. They also worked on some math flash cards.

Jarod is doing much better in math now. I have been working with him for a few days now on the flash cards. He seems to be getting math now. I pray it continues. He just learns differently than Chord and I have to find different ways to teach him :). He's a smart cookie but needs a lot of visual and hands on things to learn.

That was about all that happened today. I hope everyone is having a good week.


Julie said...

Hope no one was hurt at the fire! How scary!

My Jared did really well with flash cards, but when it came to Josh, they didn't work at all. Josh is a more hands on learner. :D

Ami said...

Funny how they all learn differently.

I always thought when parents had kids who were different in behavior or learning must have done something 'wrong' with 'em.

That's what I get for being smug... my two are totally different. Not just in gender, either.


amysalli said...

i am glad that jarod is picking up on the math with the flash cards.

we use poker chips to help michael with his math. he like to be able to actually add them together and take them apart to get the answers.
we use different colored ones that we picked up from the dollar store.

Philip is just starting with the math and everything else as well this year so i am looking forward to seeing how he will learn.

both my kids go to public school but i have used alot of the different material from sites that you have givin me to telp them along. Thanks by the way.

The Woman said...

wow exciting laundry day huh.

Weber said...

We LOVE Math U See. Great for hands on learners! www.mathusee.com

Ellen said...

I'm just a grandma, who is not homeschooling, only I did have to teach my daughter when she got home from ACE schooling. Then I taught two years at a Christian School. Love to read about your days and I'm glad you found a laundramat that wasn't busy. Oh! I left an response to an assignment on www.light2liveby.wordpress.com

Please remember when you read it, it is an assignment and I didn't know I could articulate like that.