Friday, August 1, 2008

It is a very hot and humid day today ugh. I shouldn't complain because hey it could be winter LOL.

Went to the Calendar meeting and next months calendar is pretty filled up. So that is good. The boys didn't get to go on their play-date because their friend ended up being sick. The boys took it pretty well though. We rescheduled it for the 12th so they are looking forward to that.

Tomorrow we might go to my mom's to visit. Not for sure just yet. Other than that not much going on and no plans as of yet for Sunday but we shall see. Sorry I haven't got much to blog about. I am just feeling to hot to do anything LOL. I hope everyone is staying cool!


The Woman said...

couldn't prove the heat by me lolI was laying on the porch swing wrapped in a blanket cause I was cold. 87 degrees.

lol yeah we don't want winter

amysalli said...

sorry to hear about the kids play date getting postponed till later.

I know about the heat it was a hot one here yesterday as well.

kel said...

Trying to stay cool, my weatherbug is flashing bright red 108 at me right now.

Weber said...

Hot here too - around 100 and humid. Doesn't stop the boys from playing outside all day which means I'm out there too most of the time.

Have a nice visit with your mom. It's nice that you have family around.

Julie said...

Staying cool? I'd say so... The last few days have been cloudy, cool, and we've had some rain. It feels like mid-late September outside. *pout* ... I feel like I'm being jipped out of my summer vacation!