Saturday, July 19, 2008

Today we just went to my mom's and her fiances house. We didn't do too much but it was nice to just hang out. The boy's love going there. They know how to make themselves home when we go there LOL. They know right where the toy's are and get right to them LOL.

I love the fact though that even if they don't play with the toy's there they love just hanging out with them. My mom's fiance my boy's call grandpa too. They call my dad grandpa too but they see more of my mom's fiance than my dad since he lives in Arizona. Anyway what I was meaning to get at is the boy's love going to visit them. They love just hanging out and don't feel they have to be constantly entertained. Maybe it's because they do play well together and we've never had all their days scheduled and they had a chance to use their imagination or maybe it's just the way they are I don't know. I just know I love that they are this way. I know I wasn't like that when I was a kid LOL. Then again I was an only child till I was a month shy of being six when my brother was born. Who knows :P.

Man it's so hot here! I really shouldn't complain though because I hate Michigan winters more than Michigan summers LOL. I do deal with heat (even humidity) better than cold. Yes, it's very humid here lately but I still don't want winter to come LOL. I just can't seem to ever get warm in the winter. I have a much easier time getting cool.

What's really funny is I can wear pants all year round even in the summer and not get extremely hot. I don't like wearing shorts often because I don't like my legs much LOL. So very seldom do I ever wear shorts (though today I did LOL). I also don't seem to sweat as badly as some people. Weird considering I am a bigger woman. Like today for instance both my mom and my hubby were dripping with sweat but me I may have been sticky with sweat (I do sweat after all LOL) but I don't drip with sweat. Then again it might have to do with my normal body temp being only 97.6. Anything higher than that and I literally have a slight fever and can tell when it's just a little higher than usual. Am I just weird or is anyone else like that?


The Woman said...

last year my legs were icky lookin, lack of exercise, but this year I have been walking alot so that helped the look. Last year I lived in capri pants, figured if nothing else from the bottom of my knees down would be cool

Julie said...

While I would never, EVER wear shorts in public, I wear them in the house all year round. :D

I am a summer girl too, though around here we have mild (though WET) winters and mild summers too... But I prefer summer, and the laziness that comes with summer vacation off of school. *lol*

kel said...

It has never bothered me to wear shorts, now I dont wear the short shorts or anything but normal shorts I will wear them and it doesn't bother may bother others though...hmmm hadnt thought of