Friday, July 18, 2008

I have a confession to make...I am a nerd! LOL. Seriously I am! Why? you ask? Because with this new position as Secretary in the MOMS Club® I am really enjoying it already LOL. I loved doing the minutes to the meeting and making the calendar up. I even made up some blank calendars and sent them to the other Board Members. I loved playing around in my little office programs like Word (got to do more with it), Excel and other things I have on here.

I have taught myself most of these programs. I still have to learn things on them but I love just playing around in them and finding new things I can do with them. I hope to really do a lot with them now within the MOMS Club®. It is something I really enjoy doing. I could just play around with them all day and be content LOL. It's a good thing I have a family to take care of LOL. I always put them first of course :) but I really do have fun playing around on my computer LOL.

Anyway, right now Harlow and the boy's went to his cousins house to hang out. I had to get the dishes done and am enjoying some time to myself. Plus I had to do my exercises too. I haven't done them a lot this week because of being busy and it being so hot ugh!! So I had to do them. I did them yesterday too but want to keep them up. Haven't weighted myself lately but I don't think I have lost anything but that's ok because I do at least feel better when I do excesses. Other than all that I haven't really done much today but grocery shopping. I hope everyone else has had a great day. Any Confessions to make? LOL


The Woman said...

That does not make you a nerd, its bettering yourself. I can see you as a secretary or book keeper one day. lol

Ami said...

I have learned everything I know about computers from messing around with mine.

Doing things like that appeals to my creative side, and as I'm sure you know, being a busy mom sometimes means you don't have time to create as much as you'd like.

You're not a nerd... you're a MOM!!


Julie said...

I always learn programs by just playing with them too.. That's how I learned to digital scrapbook... By just getting in and getting dirty! *lol*