Saturday, July 5, 2008

Sorry I haven't been online much in a few day's. Thursday was Freedom Fest at our church so we were there for a while but didn't end up staying for the fireworks because the boy's were acting up a bit so we came home early. I think they were tired because they went to sleep really quickly LOL.

Friday was not only the 4th of July but also our Anniversary. Can't believe we have now been married for 10 years!! It has really gone by fast!! I remember just a few weeks prior to us getting married hubby's dad committed suicide and we ended up having custody of his three teenage brothers. They were 13, 16, and 17. That first year of marriage is pretty hard anyway but we started it with three teenage boys. We were only 22 ourselves. It was a hard year but we got through it. After that year they decided to move in with their step mom. (long story there LOL). I remember asking my hubby before we got married if he wanted to postpone it because of what had happened to his dad. His reply was that he wanted something good to come of what happened.

That day 10 years ago yesterday was a wonderful day! We got married in his dad's backyard (we had moved in after his dad died and after we were married). Harlow hadn't seen me that whole day because of tradition lol. He never even saw my dress either till that day. That dress (thank you for all the compliments on it :D) was actually a dress they weren't going to make any more and a dress other people had tried on so my mom got it for $300. It was originally more than that (I don't remember now). My one aunt did my flowers and our invites. We went to Gordon foods and bought in balk the food. So in total I think the wedding was just over $3000. Yea it was still a lot of money but not like some weddings I've seen LOL. It was all worth it though!! I still remember that day like it was just yesterday. I could go on and on with the memories but then I might bore you all LOL. So out of something tragic came something good!! We've had our ups and downs. We've had our arguments but I couldn't imagine living my life without my hubby!! Here's to 10 more years and more!!!!!!!


Julie said...

When I was 22 years old, the thought of being "mom" to three teenage boys would have me screaming and running for the hills.


HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! 10 years is awesome!!! :D

madame said...

You're my hero! "mom" to three teenage boys in your first year of marriage... sounds like "7 wives for 7 brothers"
I think I'd have reacted very much like Julie.
Was that good preparation for parenthood? lol!!!!

You sound so in love with your husband!

Happy anniversary!

Weber said...

Happy Anniversary!

Weber said...

Happy Anniversary!

The Woman said...

Happy Anniversary, are you two still celebrating lol ;)

kel said...

Happy Anniversary and Love the pic below!