Sunday, July 6, 2008

Just Some Thoughts of Mine

I don't have anything to really post today. We went to church and then we went to see if my bil and sil were home but they weren't. So we went to Harlow's mom and dad's grave and visited there. We walked around the cemetery too. There were some really old ones too. Kind of sad though because some of them were so old you couldn't read what it said or they were falling down. No one to take care of them. I wonder what could be done for those ones. You know they were loved at one time and it's just sad to see them falling apart.

While we were looking at all the different headstones we saw some that were babies and still others that were in their teens. Jarod looks down at them and says "I don't like it when babies die mom." I told him I didn't either. I know it might sound odd but I like looking through all the headstones. I imagine what their lives were like. Some even had their pictures on them.

I have told Harlow many times that when I die I don't want to be buried. I want to be cremated. I don't know exactly why I feel that way I just do. I have told him too that I don't want a big service or anything either. If family and friends want to get together and remember me that's ok. They can have a big party or something. I don't want them to be sad but I know they will be. I want people to remember my life not the sadness of my death.

Hmm this post has become a morbid post hasn't it? Sorry about that. Just going to there made me think of these things. It's funny how when I was younger I was afraid of death but now that I am older (yes I know 32 isn't old LOL) I am not afraid any more. I am thinking it's more because of my Faith now then me getting older. Maybe it's both who knows.


madame said...

Great post!

Where I was brought up, cemeteries are eerie places, not somewhere you can go to for a nice walk.

Graveyards are interesting places. They inspire respect, silence, meditation, thoughts about God and the fleeting nature of life...
Children's graves inevitably bring tears to my eyes. I look at my children and want to squeeze them close to me, protect them, be able to guarantee I'll never have to purchase a children's grave stone.

This also reminds me of how blessed I am. God's mercy, his grace, and the hope that comes from it. I know that the graveyard is not the final destination.

I don't know what I want done to me when I die. I know I don't want my children to break the bank over my death.
Like you, I'm not scared of dying, but I want to be here long enough to raise my children to be responsible, God honoring adults.

I've gone all philosophical here on you....
Thanks for a thought inducing post!

The Woman said...

I liked the post. I often wonder the same thing. Our cemetary is too big to wonder through but the smallers ones I like to do that. My grandma didn't put vases beside their stone because she said eventually nobody will come and put flowers there and they will be empty. Good point. Kind of makes you want to pick a bunch of flowers before wondering through a grave yard and just putting on in every empty vase you see doesn't it.

Homeschool Mom said...

For me, even though it would only be a temporary separation, the thought of being without my family makes me so sad. I know I would see them again, I just can't stand the thought of not being with them even for a short time. Does that make sense, or am I just being weird?


Julie said...

You want to hear morbid? ... If something happened to one of the kids (heaven forbid), I would have them cremated so that I could keep their ashes with me. I wouldn't want them to be in a graveyard all alone. :(