Friday, July 11, 2008

Cleaning and More Cleaning.

Boy I feel wiped out today LOL. I think it's the combination of getting the house sorted and cleaned (still working on that LOL) and it being warm out. Today we did grocery shopping but I finished cleaning and sorting through the play room. The boy's did all their stuff yesterday but I had to sort through my stuff today. Wasn't as much as the boy's but it was still a task LOL.

Oh and yes for those who asked about watching the boy's clean and telling them what they missed LOL!! I was also telling them how to go about getting things sorted so putting it away would be easier. I think they just see the mess and feel overwhelmed so I was telling them to do one section at a time and one toy group at a time. Like their Lego's they have different kinds and I showed them how to sort what goes to what and it made it a lot easier for them. I don't think they really understood that before.

From all the cleaning and from doing my exercising everyday I feel so sore. My whole body feels like one sore muscle LOL. I still have more to clean but I am taking it one day at a time so I don't over due myself (all though with how my muscles feel maybe I have over done it a little LOL).

Tomorrow I think I am going to start in the living room and bathroom (our bathroom is very small so it won't take much to do :) ). Mostly I just need to sort the 2 small bookcases I have, my desk (the tops have become catch-alls ugh) and dust really well LOL. Then Sunday I might take a break and maybe Monday (if I don't decide to do it Sunday) I will start in the kitchen. Ugh I don't really want to do the kitchen LOL. It's just so hard to keep that room clean because it's also where our front door is. You all have seen pics of the gravel driveway we share with our neighbors so it gets really dusty in the hot weather and really muddy when it rains. So all that comes right in the door. So keeping the floor clean is a challenge (even with everyone taking their shoes off before coming in). Add to that all the dust that comes in when we have the door open because we don't have air conditioning (we have a window unit in our room that cools both our room and the boy's room but a window unit won't work in the living room and kitchen area). All that just to say I really don't want to do the kitchen LOL. I will eventually though. Let's just see how long it stays clean. Any bets? LOL J/K. I hope everyone is having a good day!


Carla said...

I need a House Elf. That's what I've decided. My house constantly seems messed up. We've tried teaching the boys that everything has a place, and to put it back...but it doesn't seem to stick.

To give you an idea of how long it's been cluttered, JM told me "*sigh* Mom the house looks so much bigger when it's clean doesn't it."

Jody said...

LOL your house sound exactly my mom becasue My oldest actually said something similar to that lol!!

I am having the same problem with you about everything having a place but they just don't seem to get it. *sigh* maybe some day! I can pray right? LOL.

The Woman said...

I'm trying to get this house organized too blah, that will NEVER happen. I wish I could rearrange the kitchen but with that rolltop desk in there it makes it hard.

Julie said...

I'm beginning to think that the house won't ever stay clean for long until the kids move out. *lol* ... Before we had kids, our house was rarely messy. Now, I seem to spend all morning picking up, and by the time Joe is home... It's OVER. *lol*

Sounds like you're getting LOTS done. I need to organize the kids' rooms. They clean their rooms every evening, but it hasn't had a "Mommy Job" since we painted. :D

The Woman said...

is it already dirty? mine would be

Homeschool Mom said...

I think the cleaning bug has hit so many people! I have the problem of letting go of books. I always think I could use them for school someday. Our home is looking like a library. Which would be good, but I have run out of places for the books I just brought home. Keep at it, you can do it. It does seem like a huge undertaking at times though!