Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yes, as you can tell yesterday we went to a local car show LOL. It was in our little town and they call it cruise night. There were a lot of nice cars there. My fav. was the car in my post below LOL.

Anyway, today has been an alright but busy day. I had my last Create and Play with the MOMS Club® today. Well the last one I will organize anyway. I know I will continue to take at least Jarod to them. He enjoys them. Chord I think is thinking he is too old for them now LOL. He likes to go sometimes just because he can play with the little kids too. He does like playing with them. He didn't go today though.

It will be different though with me not organizing it any more. I have done it since soon after I joined MOMS Club® back in 2005. I really enjoyed planning the different crafts, stories and activities for all the kids. I am looking forward to starting something new though with being the Secretary in the club. It will be a new learning experience and a way for me to step outside of my box. This isn't something I would have done a year or two years ago. Being a part of the club (which has a lot of Christians in is though it's not a Christian club) has really helped me grow to a new person. I hope to be a good Secretary for the club in my term :).

Anyway after I came home from Create and Play I have helped the boy's get through the play room LOL. It was a mess. The other day we cleaned their room (mostly they did with our observation and help at times) so today was the play room. I have to actually go through it more tomorrow for my stuff. I have some things I couldn't fit on our bookshelves in there so I have to sort and find places for some of that stuff. Then after going through their playroom I will be working on the Living Room, Bathroom and Kitchen. At least that's the plan but we shall see how I feel after tomorrow LOL. I am definitely tired from doing what we have been doing thus far. Going through Spring Cleaning a little late LOL. I just can't take the clutter any more though. I can deal with so much before I start to go stir crazy LOL.

I hope everyone had a great day!!


kel said...

Sounds like a productive day!

The Woman said...

Is your observation like ours, stand over them with arms crossed saying you missed a spot lol

Julie said...

I'm with The Woman on that. *lol* ... Always pointing out what they missed. ;)

Sounds like you're keeping busy... As usual! :D