Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tomorrow I have a MOMS Club® membership meeting to attend. This is one I will learn a little bit more about being the Secretary. I'll have to shadow the current Secretary and then I am on my own in July. This is something new for me. I know it's only a voluntary thing but it is an International Club and I will have to mail some things out to the corporate headquarters. So it is important for the club. So pray that I do all right. Then again I can always ask help from the previous Secretary too but it's still something so new to me. It's like starting a new job even though I am not getting paid for it LOL.

Today we didn't do much. We went to church and then came home. We have been out and about lately so it was nice not to have to run any where or be any where. Like I said tomorrow is the MOMS Club® meeting. Tuesday is laundry day at the Laundromat. Wednesday no plans as of yet anyway. Thursday the third is Freedom Festival at our church. They are even going to have firework displays. We are helping out on watching one of the Moonwalks for an hour. It should be fun. We invited one of Harlow's brothers (one we haven't seen in forever) to come so hopefully he and his girlfriend and children do come. The other ones are invited too of course but we had to offer to this particular brother because we rarely see them. Friday is not only the 4th of July but also Harlow's and mine 10 year Wedding Anniversary. Don't really have any plans though because we are tight on money now. To be honest I would just love to stay at home and just spend some time with him. I am not too picky LOL. We will see how that goes. So that is my week in advance. Hope everyone else has a great week!!!


The Woman said...

Write everything down, calendar, calendar calendar lol

Julie said...

10 years! Yay! ... Joe and I never do much for our anniversary. Usually Joe's mom or sister will take the kids over night, and we'll just eat dinner out by ourselves. For our 10 year, Amanda was 12 months old and had MAJOR seperation anxiety issues (that she has outgrown), so we kept her with us that night. *lol*