Monday, June 30, 2008

The meeting went well today. Next month the new board (with me as Secretary) will be taking over. This is something totally new for me so I am a little nervous but excited too!! It will be good for me to try something different :D.

My dad sent me some money for my birthday so I went out and bought a new printer/scanner/copier. I really needed a new one because the other one only wanted to work when it wanted to ugh. It's the same brand as I had but the other one was four years old and it was only Vista compatible through a drive I had to download. So I guess I can't complain too much LOL.

My hubby has some new cars he has worked on. Two of them are Die cast cars and two of them are model kits he had but he added his own decals on them. Enjoy the pics :D.

This one is a Die cast. He stripped the paint to the bare metal (was a Jeff Gordon car)
and added all the other stuff to it. He made this for the boy's. They love it.

This one is a model Kit. He bought the decals separately and made it to an old style Jr. Car.

This was a model Kit that he made into Cale Yarborough car.

This was a Jimmie Johnson Die cast now a number 8 Jr.
This is the other side of it.


Julie said...

Jared would go into cardiac arrest over what he did to Jimmie's car! *rofl* (Jared is Jimmie's #1 fan!)

The Woman said...

lol he does good work, don't be nervous about the position on the mom's club thing. Just do the best you can do