Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fireworks and Playing in the Rain.

We had a great time at my sil and bil's house yesterday watching all the fireworks. I didn't get any pics. I did bring my camera but left it in their house and forgot about it till we were watching the fireworks ugh. But we got to see family and friends we haven't seen in a long time. The boy's got to see cousins they haven't seen in a long time either!! It was just a good time all the way around!!!

Now on to today. It really rained today. The boy's and I were on our porch listening to the rain. It was really coming down. We have a metal roof so it was really loud but I loved just listening to it. The boy's wanted to ride their bikes on it and since it was a nice cool rain (it's been really humid out lately) we let them LOL. It was so funny watching them ride in the pouring down rain. They loved driving in the muddle puddles. Needless to say they needed a shower when they came back inside LOL. Here are some pics I took of them playing in the rain :D.
Chord making a turn.

Jarod barreling through LOL.

Both boy's riding through the puddles


The Woman said...

lol I used to do that, did they have muddy butts.
oh i love to hear rain on a tin roof

Julie said...

I remember the fun of playing in the rain... My kids don't seem to think it's that fun though. *rofl*

You know... I think we have the exact same BBQ! *lol*

The Woman said...

wow you changed your blog, I like

Jody said...

LOL My kids really loved it like I did LOL. My kids are goofy just like me though hehe.

LOL glad you like the new look!!

Weber said...

We LOVE to do that! How fun!! What a great way to spend the day. :)

madame said...

I'll have to let my boys out in the rain next time.. I've never done it.
I do let them out, providing they are wearing water boots, when it stops raining.

Those are fun pictures of them.

I love the new look of your blog. I wish I knew how to make some changes to mine!

Jody said...

Yeah the boy's loved playing in the rain. This was their first time really because usually it's either a spring very cold rain (don't want them getting sick) or it's lightning outside so they couldn't. Yesterday was perfect for playing in the rain :D.