Saturday, June 14, 2008

This, That and a Turtle.

Today we went and saw the movie Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It was an ok movie. Boy's loved it anyway LOL. It had "aliens" in it but it was still a good movie.

Yesterday I was feeling just too tired so I didn't blog. I just didn't really have much to say anyway LOL. I did meet the new neighbors that just moved in across from us. They have a four year old boy so the boy's are happy to finally have a boy neighbor LOL.

Oh I forgot to tell you all a few day's ago we found a little snapping turtle in our drive way! It was in a puddle in our drive way. See we have a gravel driveway so it's uneven and we can get some big puddles when it rains LOL. Jarod was watching the turtle and all of a sudden he got tears in his eyes and said "mom he's lonely!" He felt bad because the turtle was all by himself with no one to play with him LOL. So we got him into a bucket and took it to the ditch across the road because it's pretty deep and filled with water. So we told Jarod that it would find some friends now. He was much happier after that LOL. I can't believe he really felt sad for the lonely turtle. I guess he's used to having a brother to play with and thinks every living thing needs someone else to play with LOL. I love his caring heart :D... Didn't get any pics of it though because I hadn't uploaded what I had on camera yet and it was full. Maybe he'll come and visit us again sometime LOL. Hope everyone is having a good day!


Weber said...

Oh, that is so sweet about the turtle.
We have them in our yard pretty often. We play with them a while, snap a few pictures and let them go. It's amazing how many pictures we have of them from over the years. We also have a pet turtle that we are pretty attached to.

Julie said...

My kids would be thrilled if we saw a turtle in "the wild" (as they would say *lol*) ... They love looking at the turtles in the zoo. :D

dakotablueeyes said...

My newphew found one at his dad's house and kept it lol. My sil wanted to know what to feed it and I said lettuce and look it up online and see what they eat. I suppose he still has it lol

madame said...

Glad to hear your boys have a new friend. Our neighbors moved in one week after we did. The kids are enjoying summer together.

Your boys are sweet... that's such a sweet story about the turtle!

Dana said...

Last year, we found a HUGE snapping turtle in the front yard. It was bigger than my baby. I warned the children to stay back, but it was quite lethargic. The neighbor held a stick in front of it, trying to demonstrate to the children why they should stay back, but it didn't seem to notice.

So my daughter poured a cup of water on it and all of a sudden it came to life, snapped the stick in half and started moving on through the yard. I think it had just gotten a little too dry on its trek from wherever it came! We sprayed it down a little more and then watched as it ambled on through our yard.