Sunday, June 15, 2008

Not much going on today. After church we went to my mom's and hung out there. The boy's had fun playing basketball there and Harlow watched the NASCAR Sprint Race. It was in Michigan :D. Our guy Earnhardt Jr. WON!!! Yeah I am so happy for him LOL. He hasn't won in a while. He's come so close before but haven't gotten it! So it was good to see him win it!! YEAH JR.!!! Had to give a shout out to Jr. LOL. Great Father's Day present for Harlow LOL. The boy's did give their home made presents to him today too. Which were a card and a picture frame they made at Create and Play. My mom gave him some money for Father's Day. So that was nice.

After we left my mom's we went to Walmart and Harlow picked up a Jr. dicast car he's been wanting! So he was happy about that too. Sorry I really don't have much else to blog . I hope everyone had a great day and I also want to say to all the dad's out there HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

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Julie said...

Jared is collecting those die cast Nascar cars too... He has one big one, and quite a few that are the size of matchbox cars... He likes Dale Jr. too, but Jimmie Johnson is still his top dog (due to his name, I think *lol*)