Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I just got to thinking today of some people's arguments on homeschooling and children not learning to be on a schedule. Especially say unschool families (which we are not but have considered it a time or two). These people ask how are these children going to learn that in the "real world" they won't know how to get to work on time and things like that. Well I got to thinking that is really a silly thing to say.

Why? Because for one I am sure these children have doctors and dentist appointments right?! I am also sure if (and I am sure the do) they have play dates with their friends and that is usually at a time where both sets of parents can be there! Also what about going on field trips? I am sure they make a time to get out of the house to make it to where ever they are going (with or without a homeschool group)at a certain time.

So why does learning a schedule really have to be only learned in a brick and mortar school? There are many everyday opportunities for people to learn to be places on time. Does it really have to happen everyday for a child/person to learn this? I really don't think so. Homeschooling and especially Unschooling is about experiencing life and learning from life. So this argument about unschooling/homeschooling is just silly to me.

Ok I am done LOL. It was just on my mind lately and wanted to put it out there for people to think about too. I know it isn't well thought out or the best of writing but it's what I was thinking LOL.

ETA: Thanks Julie I can't believe I forgot getting up every Sunday (for those with Christian beliefs like us :D) and going to church on time too!! How could I forget that!! Thanks again Julie LOL.


Julie said...

Don't forget having to be at church on time... Every Sunday! :D

Carla said...

and organized sports like baseball, basketball...and going to a movie at a particular time all while having to get a bite to eat.

Is now when I admit that my particular weakness is that I'm almost always running a tiny bit late? I think it was the 3rd child that did me in. *sigh*

Jody said...

So true Carla about organized sports!! There is so many chances for a homeschooled child to experience being on time. Just silly to me. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Ami said...

We were frequently asked that question as an unschooling family. (funny, blogger thinks unschooling is not correct)

I told people that even if I failed to teach my kids to be on time... (and listed the activities we participated in for the questioner) that there are natural consequences for not showing up on time. Consequences like missing the movie or losing the job.

It's just one more silly question people ask about homeschooling.

They don't know any better. :)

Anonymous said...

Our schedule is actually a bit more complex than a school schedule. We complete household responsibilities at different times throughout the day, we have scheduled "book work" time, we plan field trips - which the children are included in the planning process - and our schedule doesn't run from 8 am to 2:30 pm. It runs from 6 am to 9:30 pm in the summer. Of course, we have unstructured play and free time - but, those do not interrupt our regularly scheduled household chores. Of course, we can choose to forego our schedule for a day or two - which also teaches something: spontaneity, the consequences for skipping a set of responsibilities, and more. The argument that home/unschooling takes away the ability to learn to follow a schedule is ridiculous.. because not only do the kids learn to follow a schedule, they learn how to manage their time and create a schedule - not just follow it.

Weber said...

Sheep - people like schedules becaues they are sheep and MUST follow something...anything. I am raising children not sheep. Rock on homeschoolers!

Jody said...

Thank you all for commenting :D. I so agree with you all!!!