Monday, June 23, 2008

Thanks for all the compliments on my dress :D. It was a really great night!!! I really needed a night out. Didn't know how much till I was there LOL.

Yesterday we went to church and I got a birthday card from the church and after church we went to my mom's and she had a cake, card and money for me. My brother and his wife and daughter were there too. It was a nice time!!!

Today is my actual birthday so I've had a full weekend LOL. Today we just went out shopping. All though I didn't buy anything but dinner for us at China Buffet. It was a good time though. Not much else going on. Yea I know I have a boring life but that's ok I'd rather have a boring life than a drama filled life any day LOL. I've had drama in my life and prefer not too LOL. I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


Julie said...

Glad you had a good time!... Sometimes I like to have "me time" too. :D


madame said...

Glad you had a nice birthday. It's nice to be celebrated, isn't it?
tomorrow is my son's birthday. He'll be 3! Goodness...
I think I'm making him a firetruck cake, but we are celebrating on Friday. He's crazy about Fireman Sam. Do you have Fireman Sam in the US?

Give me boring over drama any day. A bit of adventure from time to time is ok too!

The Woman said...

Glad you had a good time.

Happy Birthday too!