Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What Hubby Has Been Doing.

Ok, Anne told me I should post these pics!! This is a die cast car that my hubby bought (it was a Kurt Busch car) and he stripped the paint off it and repainted the outside and inside then he took some Speed Racer decals and put them on. Here are the pics of the car after he was all done with it. Oh and right now he is working on a different car for Chord LOL. But anyway here are the pics!!


The Woman said...


Julie said...

Looks like he's keeping busy... But I better not tell Jared that he took the paint off Kurt Busch's car. *lol* ;)

P.S. I think it looks great! The boys really want to go see that movie.

Jody said...

LOL thanks Julie. Yeah don't tell him it was Kurt Busch's car LOL.

I am suprised the boy's haven't asked to go see that movie.

madame said...

Cool cars!
It's good for him to stay busy.
What size are these cars?