Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yesterday it seemed like I just didn't get a chance to get on here. We did school work and then we went outside for a while. It wasn't as nice out as it has been though but hey at least no snow right? LOL. At 7pm we were at Church. The boy's didn't get to bed till after 9 P.M. The boy's bedtime is usually 8 P.M. They seem to have better attitudes when they go to bed at this time. They wake-up regardless of what time they go to bed though at 7 a.m. so they need that extra sleep. They didn't have any attitude problems today though. So it's ok once in a while to break bedtime LOL.

One of our Pastors prayed over us about Harlow getting a job. I really love our church. It's on the bigger side but I have never felt left out or alone. You know how some places (not a Church per say but places in general) if it's a bigger place with lots of people you almost feel like you are the odd one out? Before we found this Church that's how I felt at other Churches I had visited02 before. It really felt like coming home. We started going there in 2002 and then in 2004 we had stopped going for two years because Harlow was working midnights(he worked Sunday Nights too). Not that it's an excuse but it happened. Then we went back Easter of last year and I never felt judged but welcomed back like the Prodigal Son :D. I guess I would be more a Prodigal daughter though huh? LOL. I always look forward to going and what's even more awesome is the boy's love going to!

Anyway today was Create and Play with the MOMS Club. We made butterfly's with coffee filters, markers, pipe cleaners and a spray bottle. Take a couple of coffee filters and have the kids color all over them with the markers (many different colors) then (this is the messy part LOL) take the spray bottle and spray water all over the coffee filters. Let them dry and then pinch them together in the middle and and put the two filter's together. Next wrap a pipe cleaner around them. Making sure you have both ends folded together (facing each other). Also make sure to leave a the two ends together and when they make the antenna's and curl them. You can also put a magnet on them too if you'd like. Everyone had fun making this craft LOL. We also read The Very Hungry Caterpillar. My partner in it read another book (not butterfly related) and we danced to some music! It was a good time.

Right now I am watching qualifying for NASCAR'S Sprint Cup. We are Jr. fans LOL. I hope (and of course hubby does LOL) he does well this race! Ok I am done rambling for now LOL. I hope everyone had a good day!!


Julie said...

I know what you mean about churches. Years ago, when Jared was a baby, we went to a HUGE church (That had 5 identical services), and after going there for 2-3 YEARS, we had never even met ANY of the pastors! The sermons/messages were awesome, but we needed something much smaller. So when Josh was 14 months, we switched to a small Baptist church.

BUT... We haven't been to church since we moved to Molalla, because Joe got a second job and has to work on the weekends (and I don't drive)... I feel AWFUL about it too. :(

dakotablueeyes said...

Keith is rooting for Jr too but Jr didn't seem too confident at qualifying but hoping he does well.