Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chord is Riding a Bike!

I know Chord is eight years old but I wanted to share he learned how to ride his two wheel bike today!! See we live on a busy street with no sidewalks and our driveway (we rent) is dirt and gravel. So it was always filled with holes and very uneven. Add to that we had just a little cavalier for a while and you really can't fit any bikes in the trunk to take to a park or what not. Well the other day our landlord kind of evened out our drive way. It isn't of course perfect but it was much better. So Chord got up on his bike and pretty much taught himself how to ride it!! Here are some pics of him riding it!! I am so proud of him!!

Here are some other pics I took a few day's ago of the boy's. Since it's been nicer outside we have been outside a lot LOL. Some of these are pics of a tree that fell in our neighbor's yard and I thought it was cool looking and so did the boy's LOL.

Jarod actually took this pic. I put it on Sepia

These next two pics were taken a couple day's after we looked at the tree's
they are also my fav's LOL. I know I am a bit bias but I think the boy's are so cute LOL!!

The van and truck are our neighbor's vehicles.

I don't know why but I really love this pic! I loved how it turned out!


Homeschool Mom said...

Those are great pics! I love the last one. Two little scientists at work! Congrats to Chord for learning how to ride his bike! Great job!


Julie said...

My Jared was 8 when he learned to ride, because in Portland all the streets were REALLY busy, and there was no where for him to ride. Now that we're in Molalla, they have safe places to ride, so Josh learned at 7... Alicia still uses training wheels though, and Amanda is too scared to even get on a bike! *rofl*

Love the photos!