Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not much going on today but with the busy week ahead that's ok. Just did grocery shopping today. I just realized though as I was typing this that I forgot to take some Library books back to the Library ugh! Oh well at least it's not a heavy fine.

Hubby did dishes for me today while I was out grocery shopping. That was nice. Last night too he surprised me with some jewelry he bought me. A few necklaces and some earrings to match. I wasn't expecting them at all. three of them came together and they were faux pearl necklaces and earrings. Another is more of a dangling necklace with matching earrings. Very pretty! I love the fact that we have been married for almost ten years now and he still surprises me. I am a blessed wife.


Julie said...

Sounds wonderful!!... You should post a picture of you wearing them! :D

dakotablueeyes said...

Blogger is messing with me again this morning. Ok if my other post does make it through lol you know what I said if not sorry you had late books. aw how sweet he bought you jewelry, my hubs doesn't like to buy jewelry.

Ruth said...

You lucky, lucky girl! That's so sweet of your husband!

Big hugs