Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Warning Just Me Rambling LOL.

Ok I know I haven't blogged in a bit sorry about that LOL. I won't go on to then next part of about me just yet though. Maybe tomorrow. This week will just be once again crazy busy so I might not even get to it till next week who knows.

Yesterday, I took Chord with me to another homeschool mom's house and let the kids play together. Jarod didn't want to go because they have a dog (the most friendly dog in the world LOL) and he is afraid of dogs. I have tried everything to get him not so afraid but he still insist on being afraid of them LOL. I know it has a lot to do with because we rent and not allowed to have any pets. Therefore they aren't around animals much besides the barn cats around here. Yes we live near a farm but it's our Landlords and we really don't go over there.

The landlords have Sheep mostly and a horse and donkey and the barn cats. The barn cats always come over but that's about it. Other than that they really don't get around animals much. Most of our friends and family do not have dogs either so it's hard to try and get him not so afraid. Chord used to be afraid but does a lot better now. He even pet the dog when we went over.

Chord had so much fun playing with his friend. They got to go outside and play and come inside and have hot chocolate and play Lego's LOL. That's Chord's favorite thing right now, Lego's. I got to enjoy company with my friend too. She just got back from a trip to her home state so it was nice to chat. She is about the only other homeschool mom I know well so it's nice to chat with someone who is doing the same thing I am.

Afterwards while coming home Chord said he had a blast! Jarod had stayed home with his dad so I think he liked the one on one time with Harlow too. So all in all it was a good day.

Today we did a lot of running. First to the Laundromat to do the dreaded laundry LOL (I actually don't mind doing laundry it's the putting away laundry I hate so much LOL). Then we came home and we had to go to the Library and drop off some books and pick up some others. Then we went to the Mall where I got my hair cut and then when out to eat. We didn't really get to enjoy being home till sometime after 5 am. I then ran to the local store and got me some hair dye to dye my hair (sorry no pics at the moment LOL.) It's still roughly the same color as my natural hair color but to me my natural hair was looking a little dull. So I had to do it LOL.

I can never leave my hair alone. I am always either cutting it short or dying it or like in this case both. I don't know why I feel the need to do this but I do. Most women I know get attached to their hair but I really don't. I get sick of it and just have to do something to it LOL. Come to think of it I am like that with a lot of things. Like living in one place for so long I seem to get board of it. It's probably because I was an army brat growing up and it's just what I have always been used to. Of course I know we can't always move when I feel the urge but I do think about it LOL.

I also really don't get attached to things either. People have asked me if there was something I would I couldn't live without and honestly I can't think of anything other than my Bible of course. I think this has a lot to do with when I was younger and having had a strained relationship with my dad. He would buy me things rather than spend time with me or talk with me. So things I have never really coveted.

I don't really get attached to people either. I love my family of course and they I naturally attach to but with other people. Yes I have friends but if I we moved to another state it wouldn't bother me. For a moment I would feel a little sad for leaving some of my friends but I know I would bounce back. Am I weird or does anyone else feel like this?


Homeschool Mom said...

I don't think you are weird at all! I bet you don't get attached to people because you moved around so much when you were growing up. I have never lived anywhere except this area, so I would probably have the opposite problem. I would like to move someday, but I bet it will be a rough transition. I also agree with you about the hair thing. I love getting my hair cut. It seems to change your whole attitude.


dakotablueeyes said...

Bruce's sister does that with her kids. buys them stuff instead of spending time with them. ugh which is why they don't care about anything or anybody

multipleblessings said...

Sometimes it's nice for the kids to have a parent all to themselves... Sounds like everyone had a nice day! :D