Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sorry Been MIA

Hey Everyone. Sorry I haven't been posting regularly. Since hubby's been home it seems like we are even more on the go then we were before. I think being home is driving him nuts. Tuesday was the boy's dentist appts. No cavities yeah!!! Then went straight there to the Laundromat to do the good ol' laundry LOL. We came home and hubby said he was board out of his mind so we were out the door again. We went shopping for Chord's birthday, which is on Monday. We decided to let him get what he wants now. My dad will be sending him money I am sure and my mom is taking him out to go shopping when she comes back from her mini vacation LOL. We went to three stores in a town about 40 mins from here and didn't have what he was looking for. So we ended up going back to our town and went to two stores before we found it duh LOL. It was a Lego thing. Didn't think it would have been that hard but oh well we had fun. Between all those times I picked up the game Uno (which we have to play yet LOL) and the game Clue. We got home at about 6:30pm. They boy's played with their Lego's and didn't get to bed till around 9pm. Oh and we finished school work before we went to the dentist LOL.

Wednesday We played a lot of educational games with flash cards and such. We also played Clue because it's a thinking game :P. Then later that night had to go to Church because all the kids in their Potter's Kids are going to be singing with the Choir one song on Easter Sunday! It was too cute!! Chord, I was told by one of the teachers, was a natural LOL. He was singing and doing his moves like a pro LOL. Jarod was good but he wasn't paying much attention to the lady who was directing them in their moves LOL. He was too busy either looking at the other kids or at us. Oh well I think he will be ok once he's up there. Got home and the boy's had to hurry and get ready for bed.

Today we went to a Museum. It had dinosaur bones and other things in it. It had a lot of "evolution" in it but we just ignored that part and enjoyed ourselves. Here are some pics of that. We were home before 1:00 pm thankfully so been resting the rest of the day LOL. So how has everyone else been doing?


multipleblessings said...

You sure have been keeping busy!

I do think it drives men crazy to be home alot. *lol* When Joe changed jobs back in '98, he had something like 2 weeks off... Jared was 4 months old at the time, and we were gone so much that we royally screwed up his schedule. That was Jared's crankiest 2 weeks ever! *rofl*

The museum looks cool! When we run into evolusion stuff, we just explain to the kids that we don't believe in it, etc. We don't care who hears! *lol*

I would love to take them to the Creation museum! Now that would be awesome!


dakotablueeyes said...

neat museum

dakotablueeyes said...

Happy Easter