Monday, March 17, 2008

More On My Friend

Well, I heard back from my friend that I had posted about not too long ago. We haven't talked a lot just yet but a little. We did some reminiscing about the ol' day's LOL. She is married but I don't think she has any kids yet. At least not that she has said yet. I hope to hear more from her soon and I will all let you know a bit about what I find out.

It is just so exciting to hear from her though. It seems like I have been looking for her for ages. At least since after having Chord which is almost eight years now! I really hope we can stay in touch. I guess she is one person that I did get attached to. We did so much together and I guess we stayed in touch for as long as we did because I was going through a rough time with my parents getting divorced and pretty much starting a new life all over again and she was that connection to my past. I tell you it was really hard to go from a military kid to a civilian kid. It was like night and day. I was so naive about things back then. She got me through that with letters back and forth to each other. Granted we are older now and have different interest I am sure but it's still nice to have someone you grew up with to talk to.

I find it funny that I had posted about her on my blog but she didn't find me through that but through lol. She must have felt me thinking about her or something. I need to ask her how she found me exactly though because for one I don't really use it and two I don't have much on the page and I didn't even have any of the schools names I had attended. My prayers have been answered :D. So do any of you keep in touch with people you went to school with?

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multipleblessings said...

That is pretty ironic, isn't it? I had a friend find me via facebook a few months ago. It was nice! ... I'm like you and don't really use it. :D