Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Bit About me Part 1

The last post I did made me think that I should post a little more about me and what I have been through. Not to make anyone feel sorry for me but as away to get to know me better and see where I have been and who I have become. This will probably take a lot of separate posts. Not sure exactly how many there will be but I will start with this post.


A bit about my growing-up:

I was a year old when my parents married. My dad joined the Army soon afterwards and was stationed in Germany. So eventually my mom and I joined him because he had to go over before us. So I was close to two when we moved there. After being there for a few years we moved to Texas where my mom and dad found out that I had epilepsy. I had what they called petit mal now called Absence Seizures and I would have so many of them that they would cause me to have Grand Mal Seizures. I went through so many different medications to find the right combination so I missed a lot of school and was held back in the first grade.

Texas was also where my mom had my brother. I was almost six years old when he was born. I remember a little about Texas. I remember being at the hospital when my brother was born and I also remember we had a couple of big trees in our yard that I used to climb! I loved to climb trees. I remember feeling free being up in a tree. Whenever I was upset about something I would climb those trees just to be by myself. I remember feeling a little left out after my brother was born. I had been an only child for almost six years. Of course later I was happy to have my baby brother LOL. I also remember having a friend my age and his name was Jo Jo. LOL I don't remember if this was before or after my brother was born but I remember a couple of times we (Jo Jo and I) got into trouble because for some reason or another we thought it was a good idea to go into our neighbors house when they weren't there and raid their fridge. We did this two different times and for the life of me I don't know what made us do it or who came up with the idea or why? Good thing our neighbor was understanding and wasn't too upset.

We lived in Texas for a total of about three years and then we were stationed once again in Germany. I had a little boyfriend named David too LOL. All we ever did is play together but we called each other boyfriend and girlfriend.

Also in Germany that second time I remember going to the only Mall there. I remember thinking it was cool going on those escalators. We only went there a few times but I mainly remember going up and down those escalators, going from store to store.

After Germany we went and moved to California. We only lived there two years but lived in three different houses and I went to two different schools. The first house we lived was more like a duplex or apartment complex. It was close to a Drive-In movie theater. I remember my friend who lived upstairs and I would get some binoculars and watch some of the movies. We couldn't hear any sound of course but we thought that was just too cool LOL.


Also while living there I remember having a boyfriend named Joey. He had taken from his mom a big plastic, pink diamond shaped thing and also a necklace and gave them to me. We used to hold hands but that was about it that I remember LOL. We were there for only a few months before we moved to another house. I remember having to say goodbye to Joey and crying. Because I loved him so much :P (this was the 3rd or 4th grade LOL).

So we moved to our second house and we lived in a house this time and it was on a dead end street. I remember it because we used to go around it riding our bikes. My brother was about three and a half years old and he learned how to ride a two wheel bike (no training wheels) at three and a half years old! Because one of his training wheels was already falling off and so my mom decided to show him how to ride a bike and he got it.

This was where I went school that I really hated. I was a bit shy and for some reason people thought they could get away with picking on me. But I also was a fighter and got into a lot of fights because pig headed me wouldn't back down no matter how big or strong the other person was.

We moved again to another house that was a duplex about six months later. I remember this house had sliding glass doors and I remember getting my own phone in my room and also getting my first stereo with a record player on it (yeah I was so cool lol). I still went to the same school as before and still hated it. Our neighbor taught the neighborhood kids Tai Kwando. One time we were using wood swords and I was practicing with the neighbor and I ended up getting a splinter but I kept fighting till it was done and afterwards was trying to get it out and he saw what had happened and was surprised I hadn't stopped in the middle of it. He then went to my mom and told her you don't ever have to worry about your daughter LOL. Yep I was a fighter. Man I was something else back then LOL. Don't know how my mom made it through those years.

Ok I think I have typed enough for now. I will tell you all more about me tomorrow or Monday (whenever I get a chance). Sorry I know a lot of it is ramblings. I am not a great writer and I tend to just type whatever comes to me. So I hope it's not too hard to follow.


kel said...

I liked reading it. I was a fellow army brat, we were stationed in Germany as well we lived in Nermburg. Also 6 years between my brother and I coinsidences! Do you have seizures now, I always like to ask questions about adults who had petite mal, etc kinds of seizures as kids. May have to get your email again no I had it before! If you don't mind me picking your brain, just curious on the seizure thing. Can't wait to read more.

multipleblessings said...

Was it hard moving all the time? We moved a lot, but not that much... I always hated leaving friends behind...