Monday, March 3, 2008

A Bit About Me Part 2

Before I go on with my story I wanted to answer a few questions. First to Kel, She asked if I still have seizures. I fortunately grew out of them and stopped taking meds when I was about 15 or 16 years old. The other question I got was from Julie she wanted to know if it was hard to move around so much. To be honest it didn't bother me too much. I cried a few times when leaving friends but got over it pretty quickly. Even now if we were to move I don't think I would mind. All though Hubby has lived here in Michigan/Ohio his whole life so I think it would be hard on him. It was something I was just used to. I really didn't know any other way. Now on with my stories LOL.


Ok so I left off where we lived in our last place in California. I did have one good friend while I lived there. She and I used to fight off and on though. One time it got as bad as to where we fought physically and even ended up off of school grounds during recess. The fight was about over by the time any adult noticed and I think it was only because someone told them. That really wasn't the bad part. The bad part was when we were on our way home and we both got off the bus. The other kids followed her to where I was walking home. I swear there was 15 to 20 kids total. I wasn't sure if they were there to see her and I fight again or if they were all there to gang up on me. I remember feeling so scared. Thankfully I had another friend whose mother saw what was going on and called me over to her house. She asked me what was going on and I told her and she came out and shouted to the other kids, "what do you think you are doing?" They all scattered thankfully. My mom had been at the dentist so she didn't know anything about it till she got home. That night I made a thank you card to my friends' mom. My other friend and I inevitably made up but I don't think our friendship was never the same.

Soon after that we moved once again to Germany. By this time I started the sixth grade. I met a girl there named Ruth and we soon became friends but she wasn't a very good influence and once her and I ran away which wasn't a great idea since 1) it was a foreign country and 2) I was on meds that I didn't have on me that I needed to take for my epilepsy. We eventually came home but my poor parents were worried sick. Never did that again and Ruth and I soon parted ways. I had made other good friends in Germany too. I had a lot of friends really.

In the 6th grade I remember liking this boy named Robert LOL. We hung out mostly but called each other boyfriend and girlfriend before he had to move in the seventh grade. This is when I met my friend Irene. Ruth had actually been the one to introduce us before her and I parted ways.. Like I had said before Irene and I became fast friends. We did everything together and we never fought. I don't think we were ever separated LOL. She was such a better influence on me.

During the time we lived in Germany, my dad was shipped to Iraq during the Desert Storm War. It was a very hard time worrying about my dad and what he was going through. My mom was brave and she took care of use even with all the fear I know she had to have had. He was over there for about a year or year and ½ I don't really remember exactly but I remember it seemed like forever. By the time he came back though there seemed to be a strain in not only my relationship with him but also my mom's relationship with him.

I won't go into too much detail here but things happened and I had suspicions that my dad was having an affair with a neighbor of ours. She was also married too. I had written it down in my dairy what my thoughts were and my mom, who had never read my diary, read my diary. She had, had her own suspicions but once she knew that I had the same suspicions she confronted my dad. So then my dad and I really did have a strained relationship. Things were said that shouldn't have been said and my parents separated. My mom took my brother and me here in Michigan where her family was. I was 15 (so I was in the second semester of 9th grade) and my brother was nine. I really didn't have much to do with my dad then. I would only speak to him when he would talk to me. Otherwise I didn't have much to do with him. This is where I started to harden my heart.

It seemed within months of moving to Michigan things got worse. First both my grandparents died then my aunts fiancĂ© died. About a year after that I had an aunt die of cancer too. I was really angry at this time and turned from God. Because I thought (yes I know how silly it is now LOL) if there was a god why did he let all this happen? It just didn't seem fair to a fifteen year old Jody at the time. I became really angry and unforgiving……One thing good happened at this time though. I was able to stop taking my epilepsy meds. It was a rough time for me.


I'll post more tomorrow about me. I know it seems like I have been through a lot and I have but it really has made me who I am today and I really do like me. Yeah I would like to lose a lot of weight LOL. But for the most part I like who I am and even how I got here. People have been through worse than me and I know that. I have a pretty good life now. Hard yes, but good.

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OK... This is the 3rd time I've tried posting this comment! Ack! *lol*

Sounds like a rough time. I had a rough time in my late teen years too, but I can't get into them on my blog...