Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yesterday as you know was a busy day. Woke up and did the schooling part but then it was time to go to the boy's homeschool Valentines Day party. Hubby drove us first to my friends house because she was going to take us to the party and home since hubby works afternoons. Well Jarod decided he was too afraid of her dog to go inside LOL. We rent so we are not allowed to have animals so hence why he was scared. Usually Chord is too but he took it well this time. Jarod ended up going home with Harlow. Harlow was going into work late anyway because he had to go do somethings before he went to work. So we were at my friends house for a bit and then she drove Chord and I to the party. Later Harlow dropped off Jarod at the party too. The boy's had a great time! They never met these kids before but you wouldn't have been able to tell with the way they were playing LOL. The boy's really only knew my friends two kids but it was all fun for them anyway.

After getting home just before four p.m. I noticed my brother called so I called their house and got his wife so I talked with her for a while and then my call waiting goes off so I hang up from her and it was my dad so I talked with him a good while and caught up with each other (he lives in Arizona and I am in Michigan). I get off the phone with him spend a bit of time with the boy's and realized oh I should start something for dinner LOL then lo' and behold the phone rings again and it was my cousin. She told me about her fire (I posted about it last night) and of course I talked with her for a while. So dinner last night was quick and easy LOL.

Weird how some day's the phone won't ring at all, unless it's a telemarketer lol, and then other day's it rings off the hook. I am usually one that doesn't like to talk on the phone much either so it was very odd for me to be on the phone that much yesterday.

Today, we went to go get Harlow's eyes examined and get some new glasses. It went quickly though so that was cool. When we were paying for everything the guy doing it all was asking the boy's "why aren't you in school?" Chord proudly answered we're homeschooled. So then they guy asked them so who's your main teacher and they both pointed at me LOL. Then they all talked about what they were studying and other things.

I never know how someone will react when we say we homeschool but to be honest I don't think we have gotten very many bad comments about it. Either nothing is said or I get oh wow that's great you can do that LOL. I think the worst comment I got was back in our first year of homeschooling from a lady when she asked, Why would you do that? LOL. Didn't bother me but that was all she really said and it was a woman at the Laundromat at the time. She always talked to me after that so it really was no big deal to me. My mom was the only other one I ever heard anything negative about it but now she is our biggest supporter so go figure LOL. In general around here it seems homeschooling is accepted. I just wish there were more homeschool groups in my area but then again I did join the MOMS Club. Not a homeschool group but at least I can do things with the boy's through that. Maybe one day we will have more here. My friend and I have both been talking about making our own little homeschool group but not sure if we will or not. Just been talk so far. How was your day?


multipleblessings said...

We've never had negative comments from strangers on the street about homeschooling... I've had one on my blog from someone who hasn't commented before or since. *lol* ... BUT, a LOT of Joe's family don't approve... *shrugs*

dakotablueeyes said...

get on the national do not call list and you won't get them buggin you. I put all three cells on it last week cause in less than a week cell phone numbers will be released to them aholes

kel said...

I joke because my mom was so not for the idea but now that she sees how well it is going you would think it was all her idea.