Thursday, February 14, 2008


I was tagged to list some of my favorite movies. This is going to be hard because I don't really watch that many movies and I am pretty picky on ones I like LOL. So I may only have a few to list LOL.

1) The Passion of Christ

2) My Big Fat Greek Wedding (Just too funny)

3) School of Rock (that is pretty good)

4) This is going to sound funny but I really did enjoy watching the kids movie Cars LOL.

) Napoleon Dynamite, I just seen this not to recently. It really had me in stitches LOL.

You know I really can't think of any more to be honest LOL. I don't get into a lot of movies and even when I do like a movie I can't watch it over and over. It has to be a long while before I will watch it again. Yea I know I am weird LOL.

Ok I tag the following Bloggers.






multipleblessings said...

Love the movie Cars! *lol* ... Love a lot of Disney movies! ;) Especially the Pixar ones!


Homeschool Mom said...

School of Rock is a great movie! I am happy to see Napoleon Dynamite on your list. I watched it the first time and didn't like it. I kept waiting for the plot, but the next time I watched it I really liked it.Does that make any sense? I guess I knew what to expect. Your new blog layout is beautiful! Thanks for following through with the tag.