Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Weekend and Monday catch-up. Friday we really didn't do too much. We just had a relaxing day. Yeah to finally get one LOL. I looked through the new curriculum the boy's will have next year. Seems pretty good. I might have to start some of it early. Chord tends to catch on really quickly. I got Bob Jones University Bible and English, Horizon Math, Bibloplan history for Ancient times, and God's Design for Life, The Human Body for science. I also ordered an art, music and spelling curriculum which should come tomorrow some time. So far I like them but we shall see when I start using it next year LOL. I haven't found our perfect curriculum yet even though we have been at it now for three years, for years next year.

Saturday, I went grocery shopping like every Saturday and then later went to my twice monthly Parenting support group. I have to admit though I just like going to be with friends not necessarily because I want parenting advice LOL. Not that my boy's are perfect or that I am a perfect mom but my boy's for the most part (they do have their moments trust me LOL) are pretty well behaved. So I enjoy "mom time" the most. It never hurts to learn some new things either though. So that was my Saturday.

Sunday, was of course Church. My cousin who had the fire was there too. So she and her family sat by us. It was nice chatting with her and seeing how big her kids have gotten. I don't really see much of my extended family so it was nice. She and her family are doing the best they can be in this situation so please if you all could keep them in your prayers I would be grateful. Thanks everyone!.........After Church we came home and had lunch and then went to my moms for the day. I hadn't been to her house in a few weeks so it was nice to be there with family. My mom and I are really close so it's always nice to see and spend time with her.

Monday, I let the boy's have the day off for Presidents Day and I also left to go to my friends house who also homeschools to show her the curriculum I got for the boy's next year. She wanted to take a look at them and see if she wants to order something similar. She has decided to get similar to me and some of other things too. We plan on during the summer time to get together and maybe share a few things. So how was everyones weekend?


Homeschool Mom said...

Hello Jody!

Your new layout is beautiful! This weekend our son had a youth temple trip, my husband and I stayed home and worried about his job. Sunday we went to Church and I taught my Young Women. Then we went home and rested! Sunday naps are the best!

dakotablueeyes said...

maybe try half the years setup and see how fast he catches on and if it speeds by try a year ahead of that just to see if it challenges him

multipleblessings said...

I'm hooked on Bob Jones... I tried something new this last year, trying to save money, and it was a mess! ... I'll be back to BJU next year!

Glad you had a nice weekend!