Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Well, Hubby went to take the test for that job. He isn't going to go forward with it though. In the long run it wouldn't because for one he would only be making a little over $12 (like 12 and some change) and he would have to pay Ohio tax, city tax, and Michigan tax. On top of that it's unionized and so he would also have to pay union dues. So it wouldn't be worth it to work there. Also the job wouldn't start till May. Besides that he would have to go through two interviews before they would decide if they want him or not.

On another note though hubby's work (which his last day is tomorrow) is going to be extending unemployment for those who want to go to school and the schooling would be free. About a month or two ago we had a guest at our church who prophesied over us and one of the things was that my husband would be working with computers. So my husband is considering taking the classes for computers. Another thing that I thought was pretty neat that was prophesied over us was that we would be helping married couples. So please everyone if you could, would you pray for us in what we are to do next?! I really don't feel worried but I would still love prayers so we know where we need to go in God's way. I and my family would truly appreciate it.

On a totally different note yesterday we had a snow storm. We got lots of snow. So we went outside and played in the snow. Here are some pics of the snow we got. The boy's made a small snowman too. They had so much fun and I had fun too hehe. Enjoy the pics.

Lot's of snow! LOL From melted snow and mud to this!

Trying to get mommy with a snowball LOL!

Boy's with their Snowman (mostly Chord and I made it LOL )

Forgot to mention last week Jarod decided he wanted his Mohawk back LOL.
He had one a few months ago during the summer but had decided to have his regular hair
back but now he's back to his Mohawk LOL. It really does fit his personality LOL.


multipleblessings said...

Hope something comes up for your hubby.

Love the snow pictures... But I am glad we're starting to get spring weather here... I am a summer girl, and LOVE the sunshine! :D


dakotablueeyes said...

God must have a plan for you guys, I mean he led the hubs to a decision that the job wasn't the best thing for you right. So let's pray he pops up the next phase of his plan soon.