Thursday, February 28, 2008

Irene Saavedra

I was reading Julie's blog yesterday and it brought back some memory's. She was talking about a friend she had as a child and how they had lost touch and was just wondering where she was and what she has been up too. Her name was Irene Saavedra. I was an army brat so I had friends that came and went. Well in the 7th grade while my family was stationed in Germany I met a girl named Irene. Her family was originally from the Philippines. Her and I just seemed to click right from the beginning. We were always hanging out in and out of school. LOL I remember her and I used to write letters to each other during class. We had a "secret code" when we talked about boy's we liked LOL. Instead of saying or writing their names we would use either initials or make up a name for the guy we liked LOL. I even still had some of those letters before our fire in 04.

I think of her often. We actually stayed in touch through high school. My parents split up when I was 15 years old so my mom, brother and I moved here to Michigan in the middle of my 9th grade year. Irene and I wrote to each other which was shocking for me because I am usually horrible at keeping in contact with people. I would even write her during class when I was finished with my work or in homeroom. I actually stayed in contact with her up till I was married and pregnant with Chord. We would even talk on the phone at times. Then we moved and I had lost all her contact information and haven't heard from her since.

I wonder how she is. I wonder if she got married and had children. I wonder too if she thinks of me at times too. I would love to get in contact with her. I have tried over the many years of trying to find her even online but I can't seem to find her. There are sites I can use if I pay but I am weary of them and it's not a guarantee that I will find her. I hope like Julie does that maybe she will search her maiden name and come across this post? Maybe then we can reconnect. Here is one of a couple photo's I have of her. It was one we were able to save from the fire but I only have like two other pics of her and this is the best one. This is a pic she sent me in her Junior year. In the back of the photo it say's "Here's me in our Junior year. Wish you were here
Lylas (love you like a sis)
Irene Saavedra and dated Nov. '93'. So Irene if you find this please leave a comment so we can get into contact again.


kel said...

I was an army brat too and I have meant to look up people many times. Good idea posting it.

dakotablueeyes said...

I hope you find her

Homeschool Mom said...

I hope you can track her down! I have a friend from Junior High that I lost rack of after she moved. I too have thought about her through the years. Keep us updated!


multipleblessings said...

I hope you can find her! She sounds like such a good friend!!!!