Monday, February 25, 2008

Sat. I went grocery shopping and when I got home Harlow went and got new rims put on the jeep. Later we went to and took a drive to where he is going to be taking a test for that job on Wednesday. He just wanted to make sure he didn't get lost and what not because if he is late they will disqualify him. Afterwards he took us out to eat and stopped to get a few things we needed before we headed home.

Sunday, we went to Church and pretty much just had a relaxing day. It was nice to just spend time together as a family.

Today, I had a MOMS Club meeting to go to. The boy's decided to stay home with dad while I went. It was just our monthly membership meeting to see what's going on this next month coming and to sign-up for activities. I didn't sign-up for much this coming month since I am not sure if and when Harlow will start his new job and when he will be working. So we shall see how that goes. When I got home I got the boy's their lunch and finished up schooling that we had started before I left for the meeting. I also spent a little time with hubby before he went to work. Then I got stuff copied for tomorrow's schooling stuff and sent some emails out I needed. Then it was time for dinner. After dinner I had to get stuff ready for the Laundromat tomorrow.

Tomorrow hubby is going to take us to the Laundromat because we are getting a snow storm tonight and tomorrow. So hopefully we will be able to do it LOL. At least we have a Jeep to get us through now LOL. Ok well I am getting tired and I think I have rambled on enough LOL. I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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multipleblessings said...

I remember when Joe first started the Salem route he drives now (he started it a week or two before Josh was born), we drove down to Salem to find all the stores, so that he wouldn't get lost at work. *lol*

Hope you're having a great weekend!!!