Friday, February 22, 2008

I really don't have much to blog on today LOL. Sorry if I bore you all LOL. I babysat my niece today and she just loved hanging out with the boys (her cousins LOL). They adore her so much! They just love playing with her and always look out for her. She will be two in April. She is just a cutie (ok I might be a little bias LOL).

Have some what of good news. Please everyone keep us in your prayers. Hubby got a call today about a possible job. He has to go to the place on Wednesday for testing and if he does well in that then he will be having an orientation on Sat. My hubby's job that he's at now will officially end on Feb. 28th. It won't be as much as he is making now and it will be in Ohio (about 23 mins. from where we are) but hopefully they will have some good pay increases. So please pray that he gets this job if it is God's will and if it's not the right job then please pray that he will be able to find one soon. Thanks everyone!! May God Bless you.


dakotablueeyes said...

Make sure you post an update wednesday night GOOD LUCK to the hubs

multipleblessings said...

Would you guys move to Ohio if he gets the job? If not, watch the state tax thing... Joe worked out of state once, and we didn't notice that they didn't take ANY Oregon state taxes out of his check (he was working across the river, in Washington) and we owed big time! Ack!


Homeschool Mom said...

Keep the faith! Hang in there and you will be fine. I am sure he will find a job! Let us know what happens. We are all puling for you and your family.