Monday, January 21, 2008

Yesterday the boy's asked for today off after my mom had said she was off work for Martin Luther King Jr Day. So I decided to go ahead and let them have the day off. I did tell them a little bit about Martin Luther King Jr. Next month we will do more on him and other's for Black History Month. I want them to know more than just about the more famous Black American people. So much happened both before Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and after. I don't want them to know bits and pieces I want them to know as much as they can learn about many different people of many different races. That is yet another reason I love homeschooling the boy's. We can take the time to really learn about any given subject and get the most out of it and not worrying about getting to the next lesson or running out of time. I pray they will not only learn but love learning about new things no matter what the subject is.

Tomorrow was supposed to be Laundry day but there is a water emergency for the areas near here because of the cold weather the water is freezing. I could go to the town close by but it's so much more expensive to go there and I really don't like their machines. So hopefully I will be able to go to our normal place on Wednesday or if not I will have to just make it to that other town and hope for the best LOL. I hope everyone is staying warm!!


multipleblessings said...

We didn't take the day off... Mainly because we'll be babysitting the twins on Friday, and won't be doing school then. Didn't want to miss two days this week. :D


dakotablueeyes said...

lol Kelli didn't give her kids the day off mine had to go to school though