Friday, January 4, 2008

What I have been up to and Prayer Requests

Let's see it's been a couple day's since I blogged last. I have been spending time with the hubby before he had to go back to work on Jan. 2nd and I started my organization goals lately LOL.

Yesterday was Hubby's and my baby boy's (Jarod) Birthday! My baby boy is officially six years old! We didn't do a whole lot. I did make them a cake and we had cake and ice cream. Hubby also took 1/2 the day off to be with Jarod on their day! Jarod got his presents earlier from us and my mom. He got some Star War stuff since that's what he is really into LOL. He also got some money from my dad. We will probably go shopping this weekend with him to pick something out. I also for the first time, by myself anyway, cooked my first turkey LOL. Our neighbor had gotten two turkeys and they just gave us one. A long time ago I cooked one with a friend but that was a very long time ago LOL. So we had a good meal and a good day. Jarod loved that he turned six years old! He said, "I can't believe I am finally six years old!" LOL it was just too cute!! I'll try and put some pics up soon of Jarod and daddy blowing out candles. Jarod stayed in his P.J.'s all day LOL. In the pics I have of him he has a sheet tied around his shoulders because he was a Jedi Knight LOL. Such a character LOL.

Yesterday I also cleaned off the bookshelves some. Then today I went through the boy's clothes because a friend of mine told me about a family in her church who just went through a fire and lost everything! Remembering how many people helped us when we had that same thing happened to us so I offered to help where I could. They have eight children and two of them are younger boy's so it was the least I could do. I blog this because I am so happy that I can help someone that has been through what we have been through before. I can't repay anyone that helped us out but I can pay it forward. Would you all pray for this family? I know they could use it!

I have one more prayer request. Just before Christmas a friend of mine in the MOMS Club that I am in has lost one of the twins she is pregnant with. I guess the baby that died had taken a lot of the amniotic fluid and the doctors had to do a procedure so the other baby would get more fluid. Well the baby with most of the fluid ended up with heart problems and passed away. Well the second twin is doing a little better now but he has some fluid around his heart. He did have water else where but now it's only around his heart. So that is something good but could you all keep this mom and this baby in your prayers. I know she is going through a lot right now and could use all the prayers she can get. Thanks in advance.


multipleblessings said...

Wow. That's so sad about the twin babies. *sob* ... I don't know how one could deal with something like that...

I'm glad your men had an awesome birthday!!!


Homeschool Mom said...

I love your blog. I am sorry to hear about the babies and the fire. So many things can happen. We had friends of ours that had a fire last year and lost everything as well. Say Happy Birthday to your guys.

dakotablueeyes said...

that's why i used to give to the we care place in town, if someone has a fire or cant afford it they give them what they need, but sadly it closed