Saturday, January 5, 2008

Good Day and Homeschooling Stuff

It was a busy but good day. I woke-up and got the boy's and I some breakfast at about 8 am (need to start going to bed earlier LOL) and at 9:30 am I was off to go do some grocery shopping. After coming home hubby had to run off to his cousins to drop some stuff off. Then I was off again to meet with some Moms (which turned out to be only one this time LOL) and had some coffee then the other mom and I went to the church we normally have our MOMS Club monthly meetings to help out cleaning it (more mom's were there doing that) as a thank you to the church for letting us meet there, but by the time my friend and I got there they were done for the day LOL. Oh well got to talk with other moms LOL. On another date they will be helping the church paint so I am going to see if I can make it then (depending on the date and time they do it.). I finally got home at about 5 p.m. So it was a good day.

The boy's aren't too excited about starting school back up on Monday LOL. I am though. It's weird I like having the routine. I actually got kind of board over the vacation. Sure there is cleaning to be done and what not but I really do enjoy doing school work with the boy's and watching them learn. It's not like I enjoy making them do work but I enjoy the time together and seeing their faces when they understand something. I also love the routine of it. I am not usually a routine person but with homeschooling I do make that a routine (that and bed time LOL). I have almost felt lost in this vacation we have had. The boy's I think enjoy it too. They might complain at first but once they get back into the routine they will be happier.

What's really funny about Chord is that he will say he doesn't like doing school but if you ask him what his favorite subject is he will rattle off almost all the subjects he does LOL. All that is but writing LOL. Oh well I guess he has to not like at least one subject right?! Even while we were on break Jarod got on the computer and went to and did some phonic stuff because he wanted to! So I think they don't like the idea of "school" but they love to learn at the same time LOL.

It's kind of funny when we first decided to homeschool I thought I was doing what's best for my children. I never thought I would actually enjoy it! But I really do. I feel like we are closer and that I learn more about my children this way. Don't get me wrong there are day's (not as many now though) I want to throw the towel in or pull my hair out but they don't outweigh the joy I have in seeing the boy's learn something new. To watch their eyes light up when after so long of not understanding something they finally get it! They both have a fondness of learning now. Jarod, now that he is learning to read a little bit loves to try and sound out new words or at least make the sounds of letters. Chord loves to read about things that interest him. It's hard to get him to read a "fairy tail" he would much rather read about whatever has his interest at the moment. Lately it's been about the Presidents and the Revolutionary War. This out of a 7 (will be 8 in March) year old. Well I do have to say though if it's a book or comic book about Star Wars or G.I. Joe he will read that for fun LOL. Other wise he wants to read non-fiction. Jarod will probably be different but I don't know just yet. We shall see. I just love watching the people they are becoming. That's I guess what I really love about homeschooling.


thehungryone said...

Oh, the eyes lighting up! That was my favorite thing about being a teacher. I felt like I could live off of that look... it would be great to see it in teaching my own children as well.

kel said...

I enjoy it so much myself. Both kids love it which makes it easier as I don't know what I would do if they didn't but luckily I don't have that issue. Of course Brittney does insist on bringing an emergency backpack to class (from her room to another room) filled with markers, tape, etc, stuff that I have within reach but oh well she wants to put it in a backpack I have no problems.

multipleblessings said...

Jared is like that with non-fiction books. He would much rather read about his interest-of-the-month than a "story book"... But I did find a set of jr novels about a kid secret agent that he liked. :D I was so excited to see him reading them! *lol*